6-th International ATOMEXPO-2014 Nuclear Energy Forum is Completed in Moscow

The 6-th International ATOMEXPO-2014 Nuclear Energy Forum is competed in Moscow on 11-th of June. Three intense activity days of the Forum were marked with ultimate performance. Top-level official delegations meetings, negotiations between the biggest nuclear sector companies, signing international agreements and memorandums as well as captivating subject matter discussions constituted the agenda of the 6-th International ATOMEXPO-2014 Forum.

In a framework of the Forum discussions the heads of Russian and international nuclear industry companies discussed conditions for further nuclear industry development, and nuclear energy competitiveness, and etc.

Mr. S. Kirienko in his presentation has pointed out: “Countries with fast growing economies encounter a specific need in the nuclear energy”. Specifically the representatives of these countries such as Argentina, Vietnam, India, Malaysia, Turkey, Finland, Republic of South Africa etc participated in the Forum.

Following the discussions, majority of participants expressed their confidence in the fact that nuclear energy share will increase in the global energy balance. The cost of electricity generation constitutes a competitive advantage for the nuclear energy sector.

Critically important documents on further cooperation such as Memorandum on establishment of a Nuclear Energy Information Center in Belarus, Memorandum on cooperation in the area of systemic engineering facilities and complicated engineering facilities management and design technologies between Unified ОАО NIAEP - ZAO АSE company with IBM, as well as a memorandum on partnership on cooperation in the area of project management systems between Unified ОАО «NIAEP» - ZАО АSE company and non-commercial SOVNET Project Management Association partnership.

3 544 delegates from 600 organizations have participated in the 6-th International ATOMEXPO-2014 Nuclear Energy Forum, including 283 foreign companies representatives. 42 foreign states were represented at the Forum. The Forum coverage was performed by 245 representatives of Russian as well as international mass-media.