SYMPOSIUM: International nuclear law: problem issues of formation of the legal bases of nuclear power industry development in XXI century

Moderator: Vladimir Kuchinov, General Director Advisor of ROSATOM.


Legislation in the field of nuclear law. Assisting "newcomers"
Anthony Wetherall, Legal Officer, Office of Legal Affairs, IAEA;

Non-technical problems of increasing nuclear safety
Leonid Bolshov, Director, Nuclear Safety Institute (IBRAE) of Russian Academy of Sciences

The OECD Nuclear Energy Agency and Nuclear Law
Stephen Burns, Head of Legal Affairs, OECD Nuclear Energy Agency

Nuclear liability related issues
Ximena Vasquez-Maignan, Senior Legal Advisor, OECD Nuclear Energy Agency

Improvement of legal regulation in the field of use of atomic energy in the Russian Federation
Alexander Hamaza, Director, Federal Budgetary Enterprise «Science and technology center for nuclear and radiation safety» (SEC NRS)

Nuclear Third Party Liability: an industry perspective
Danielle Degueuse, General Counsel, Legal Division – Generation & Engineering Legal Department, EDF

Liability for nuclear damage and nuclear safety
Sergey Arsentyev, Senior researcher, National Research Nuclear University MEPhI (NRNU MEPhI)

International Nuclear Non-Proliferation Regime System
Elena Misatyuk, Senior Staff Member, Sarov Institute of Physics and Technology

Objectives of export control in international science and technology cooperation and directions for improvement of efficiency of intra-organizational export control programs
Olga Vorontsova, Deputy Director, International Cooperation – Head of the PR Department, All-Russian Research Institute of Experimental Physics Russian – Federal Nuclear Center (RFNC – VNIIEF)

Legal Support for Preventive Measures in Safety Systems of Nuclear Facilities
Evgeny Kushnir, Leading researcher, All-Russian Research Institute of Experimental Physics Russian – Federal Nuclear Center (RFNC – VNIIEF)

Non-proliferation: answers to new challenges
Grigory Rukavishnikov, Research associate, Rosatom Export Control Methodological Laboratory of Special laboratory for export control, All-Russian Scientific Research Center of Technical Physics – Federal Nuclear Centre (RFNC – VNIITF)

Legal and regulatory support of activities in the area of physical protection of nuclear material and facilities
Alexander Izmailov, Deputy Director, System Analyses Scientific & Production State Enterprise “Eleron”

Regulatory support of the International targeted program "Recultivation of the territories of EurAsEC member states affected by uranium mining"
Pavel Kozlov, Director of the Regulatory management Centre, Rosatom Corporate Academy

Aspects of legal support for the concept of life cycle "without recharge at the site" of transportable nuclear facilities
Olga Supataeva, Senior researcher, Institute of State and Law, Russian Academy of Science