ROUND TABLE: Modeling and IT support in the area of back-end: strategy, technology, management

Moderator: Haperskaya A., Advisor software OYATVE State Corporation "Rosatom"

Somoderator: Dmitry Bakhturin, Head, Project Office, Rosatom-CICE&T.


Global prospects for back end market: basic scenario and innovation outlooks
Zoran Drace, Head of INPRO Group, IAAE

Russian scenarios for back end market
Stanislav Subbotin, Head of Department, Kurchatov Institute

Trends in IT support development for Rosatom’s operations
Andrey Koroid, Head, Special IT System Implementation Division, IT Department, Rosatom

Decommissioning planning process automation, facility ranging by their hazard, cost calculation and management for decommissioning and radioactive waste from decommissioning
Igor Kuzmichev, Head of Department, NEOLANT

Information-analytical system of the spent fuel management: Current status and development prospects
Lavrentiev Kirill, expert of Design office "Create branch system of treatment of SNF"

Technological and technical and economic models of back end: current situation and advanced development
Inga Makeeva, Senior Research Assistant, RFNC-VNIITF