ROUND TABLE: Back-end of nuclear fuel cycle. New technologies

Moderator: Evgeniy Kudryavtsev, Head of the Department for fuel cycle facility regulation of the Federal service for environmental, nuclear and technical regulation



Introductory remarks: Model of management of the final stage of the life cycle of a nuclear facility
Oleg Kryukov, Director for Public Policy on Radioactive Waste, Spent Nuclear Fuel and Nuclear Decommissioning, ROSATOM

Development of new technologies of SNF management and technologies for closing the nuclear fuel cycle
Petr Gavrilov, General Director of Chemical and Mining Complex

Modeling the processes of spent nuclear fuel reprocessing for the purpose of cost optimization
Dmitriy Kolupayev, Deputy chief engineer of VNIITF Federal Nuclear Research Center

Development of the container park for transportation of spent nuclear fuel
Sergei Mazur, Head of technical policy department of Federal Center of Nuclear and Radiological Safety

Management of Industrial Processing and Conditioning of Radioactive Waste Across Regions. Technology of Processing and Conditioning Waste of Hazard Class 3 and 4
Maxim Felitsyn, head of the Project Office of FGUP RosRAO

The Importance of Radioactive Waste Handling in France. The Project of Deep Burial of Highly and Moderately Active Long-Lasting EO Waste
Gerald Uzunyan, Head of the Department of International Cooperation, Jean-Michel Bonifas. Head of the Department of International Projects, Department of International Cooperation, ANDRA (France)

Development of the project of creation of underground laboratory in Nizhnekaтskiy massif
Nikolay Lobanov, Deputy Director, NO RAO

Harmonizing Normative Documentation Regarding Radioactive Waste
Sergey Utkin, Senior Research Fellow, IBRAE, RAS

Packing Radioactive Waste after Decommissioning
Mikhail Radchenko, General Director of ОАО ITSYAK

The use of flexible packaging for LLW handling
Mike Nichols, Managing Director Europe PacTec company (UK)

Containers for ultimate disposal of various types of radioactive wastes
Dr. Wolfgang Steinwarz, Executive Vice-President of Siempelkamp Nukleartechnik GmbH (Germany)

Silicium Carbide containers for ultimate disposal of various types of radioactive wastes
Gennadiy Babayants, General Director, Ceramic Technologies

Experience of on-site burial of uranium-graphite reactor
Andrey Izmestyev, Acting General Director of ODC UGR

New decommissioning technologies: dismantling, decontamination, radioactive waste conditioning
Alexander Sobko, Director General, RAOPROJECT– AVERO association

Experience and New Technologies of Decommissioning
Christian Jurianz, President of Siempelkamp Nukleartechnik GmbH (Germany)